Saturday, October 9, 2021

SAC2021, Day 7...

Happy Saturday, All! Today, we enjoy another great tale from the good people at the Old City Cemetery Committee - in this case, it involves a few of those Masons, including a governor, a Canadian rebel, and a doctor. We also learn more about the magic within the El Dorado County Historical Museum. Soon after that at 1:00 pm, archivist James Scott of the Sacramento Public Library's Sacramento Room takes us on a journey to the Depression Era Hoovervilles of Sacramento. To attend, click here for Zoom credentials. Our friends at the West Sacramento Historical Society take us through a terrific presentation on redistricting in Yolo County. And, to the end the day, California Revealed brings us “Preserving Perseverance: Stories of Personal Power and Resilience” features a selection of four films from the California Revealed collection that tell stories of empowerment, connection, and personal growth. 

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