Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Something's Cooking at the State Library...

Please note that the venue for the State Library portion of the Sacramento Archives Crawl is switching from 900 N Street to the beautiful 914 Capitol Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building, which rests on the south end of Capitol Fountain. This will enable the State Library's Information Services and Government Publications sections to join the California History Section in bringing lots of history goodness your way.  

Shown in 1929 is a recently completed California State Library. Today, it is called the Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building and it's where you'll experience the State Library portion of the 2022 Sacramento Archives Crawl.


Saturday, August 20, 2022

An early and pleasing aroma of drawing prizes to come...

While on your trip around the magical world of the Sacramento Archives Crawl you are sure to stop at the Sacramento Public Library's Tsakopoulos Galleria, a beautiful and open venue where you'll see the archival wares of several repositories/historical societies, perhaps take in a presentation on Sacramento food history, go on a tour of the Sacramento Room's vault, and have definitely enter a drawing for a chance to win some pretty sweet stuff, including this $100 gift package from one of the Sacramento Region's longest tenured breweries. Sudwerk has been a Capital fixture since 1989, producing some of the nation's finest (and award winning) traditional German lager beers and more. We are grateful for their fine donation of a sharp cap to keep that Sacramento Valley sun out of your eyes, a very handsome t-shirt with signature Aggie water tower and cycling California bear, and a $50 gift certificate to use at their amazing brewery and tap room at 2001 Second Street in Davis.    

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Sacramento Archives Crawl Updates! Less than Two Months Away

We're all looking forward to the 2022 Sacramento Archives Crawl, the theme being "Acquired Tastes: Food and Agriculture in Regional Collections." We'll have the topic surrounded from all sides as we continue a strong tradition of ensuring that the "Heart of California" continues to be a beating heart of archival exploration. Here's some fresh information on the cool things taking place:

One of the Sacramento region's most prolific food historians, Maryellen Burns, will be delivering a 1:00 pm talk on October 1 at the Sacramento Public Library's Tsakopoulos Galleria. Entitled "Sacramento Food History A to Z," she'll take you through an exciting overview of the food serving and cooking history of America's "Farm to Fork" capital. Burns' Lost Restaurants of Sacramento and Their Recipes is the class of titles covering the culinary history of the Capital Region and is now in its sixth printing. Don't be late to the table on this one. 

Also, did you know that you can win stuff at the Sacramento Archives Crawl? Between our standard drawing at the crawl's Central Library stop to the always fun scavenger hunt, our amazing sponsors have provided us with some very generous prizes. How about a $100 gift card to the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, a $100 gift card to Raley's, or a fun-filled gift card/swag package from the venerable Sudwerk? And these are just a few of what awaits on October 1.