Thursday, June 13, 2019

Stand Up and Be Heard in 2019!

We are happy to announce the theme of the 2019 Sacramento Archives Crawl. This year we will be acknowledging the Sacramento region's proud heritage of protest with Preserving the Struggle: Archives and Activism. The topic offers a fascinating prism through which to view the democratic values and institutions of the Capital Area community, bounded by early events like the Squatters Riots to much more contemporary ones like the Stop the Draft Week activities of October and December 1967. If there's an event or cause that you'd love for us to represent though the archival record at one of our four host institutions, let us know!
In 1963, Congress of Racial Equality members protest within the Capitol to support the Rumford Fair Housing Act which outlawed “racial discrimination in housing accommodations.” Gov. Pat Brown (far right) and his grandchildren, Kathleen and Joey, engage protestors who used signage and singing to make their point. Of the protestors, Brown told his grandchildren, “It is perfectly all right for them...we all have our own ways of achieving our objectives.” Special Collections of the Sacramento Public Library.