Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Later Today and for the Rest of SAC2021...

Make sure to catch us at 5 pm today for our inaugural "Meet the Archivists" discussion panel. Seven archival professionals from Sacramento area heritage institutions will share their experiences from the vaults, stacks and research rooms. You can join what's sure to be a lively and fascinating conversation by clicking HERE!

Also this week...

11 am: Tour of Placer County Museums Division’s Archives and Collections Storage
2 pm: Overview of Film and Photo Preservation at the Center for Sacramento History
4 pm: Discussion on the Incarceration of Japanese Americans During World War II
11 am: Presentation on the Japanese American Community of Winters
2 pm: Marshall Gold Discovery State Park's Coloma Gold Rush Live
1 pm: Presentation on Sacramento's Depression Era Hoovervilles

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