Saturday, July 31, 2021

Persevering Details for the 2021 Crawl

Like last year, public health has led us to opt for a virtual Sacramento Archives Crawl for the first week of October.

And also like last year, expect to see videos, displays and photos right here, this time within a shorter span of time: Sunday October 3 through Saturday October 9. Chunks from our collections will, again, help tackle our chosen theme - "Preserving Perseverance." 

Virtual tours of our storage vaults, exhibits, and Facebook Live sessions will all be on the menu. Stay tuned for some good surprises along the way!

Sacramento members of the 91st Infantry Division return from Europe to the Capital City in spring 1919. They march easterly down K Street. The Weinstock-Lubin department store is visible in the upper left section of the frame. 135 Sacramentans perished while serving during World War I. (MC 25, Betty Jane Powell Papers, Hiram Albert Photographic Album). 

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Sacramento Archives Crawl 2021: "Preserving Perseverance"

Greetings gentle crawlers. It's been a year unlike few others - one demanding the guile, strength and perseverance of all of us living in the Sacramento Region. Accordingly, the theme for the 2021 Sacramento Archives Crawl will be "Preserving Perseverance," a deep dive into all the ways that our indomitable city, county, and region has risen above the myriad challenges placed before it, from pre-European contact to today. 

Staying on the safe side of things, we are - again - making the crawl virtual, but not without some exciting enhancements to what you saw last year! Expect more "live" programming and return to the always fun opportunity to win stuff through our traditional scavenger hunt and some well placed virtual pub quizes. We loved interacting with you in 2020 and look forward to another exciting October. 

Check back with this page or our Facebook page for updates as we move closer to "Preserving Perseverance."

Taken on November 30, 1950, this aerial photograph shows the intersection of Fulton Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard flooding due to the American River overflowing. The surge of water caused many houses to be evacuated.

Friday, November 20, 2020

A Huge "Thank You" from Some of the Folks Behind the 2020 Sacramento Archives Crawl

Although certainly not what we're used to, the 2020 Sacramento Archives Crawl was a great success, due in no small part to you - our patrons, researchers, colleagues, partners, and sponsors. For the month of October roughly 15,000 unique users visited our Facebook page for entry into live events, video tours, photo displays and any number of fantastic video and PowerPoint presentations. As we look forward to what is hope to be a brick and mortar undertaking in 2021 (October 2, 2021, to be exact), we simply want to say "Thank You" for your support during the Crawl and all throughout the year. Click on the image below to see and hear what WE have to say:

Monday, October 26, 2020

Week 5: The 2020 Sacramento Archives Crawl

The lineup for our fifth and final week of the 2020 Sacramento Archives Crawl:

(Watch Now!) Monday, October 26. We revisit the triumph that was - and is - the 19th Amendment with a terrific presentation from the El Dorado County Historical Museum on the suffrage drive in Placerville.

(Watch Now!) Tuesday, October 27. Drafting off their previous presentation of Votes for Women in the Placerville area, today, we head up Highway 50 to take a look at what the El Dorado County Historical Museum has to say about similar events in the high mountain paradise of Lake Tahoe

(Watch Now!) Wednesday, October 28. Our colleagues at the Placer County Archives take this moment to introduce their brand new online collections portal which will provide access to a newly digitized series of deeds and official records for Placer County. Exciting, way worthy of celebration, and a great research tool. 

(Watch Now!) Thursday, October 29. The West Sacramento Historical Society produces a wonderful video, dovetailing music and written narrative to tell its story as a trusted "collector - preserver - interpreter" of treasures that speak to everything from the city's proud culinary past to reclamation to city services. 

(Watch Now!) Friday, October 30. Earl Warren's gubernatorial desk is just one of many artifactual treasures that you'll find in this short video from the California State Archives on its artifact storage room. Would also love to take a closer took at that Placer County voting machine, last used for the 1988 general election. I love a good lever.

(Watch Now!) Saturday, October 31. We're back with our friends at the California State Library on this HapPy HallowEEnWant to see the very elevations drawn up by James Marshall for a certain mill in Coloma? Who would have through that Marshall actually cartooned the very discovery of gold in California? This is a terrific window into some the best loved items within the California History Room.


Monday, October 19, 2020

Week 4: The 2020 Sacramento Archives Crawl

Welcome to another week of archival magic! Here's the lineup through Sunday... 

(Watch Now!) Monday, October 19. Since 1990, Cox Black and White Lab has been one of the Sacramento Region's most trusted authorities in the realm of guarding your most cherished heritage treasures. This terrific overview provides a series of archival best practices for extending the meaningful life of your family's photographs, film and ephemera. Visit Katherine and Jeff for expert guidance in media restoration, protection and/or digitization.

(Watch Now!) Tuesday, October 20. We go back to the Yolo County Archives for a cool look at various holdings that reflect two centuries of "Anniversaries and Celebrations" in (and around) Yolo. "Votes for Women!," Yolo's presence in the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, the robust heritage of Winter's Japanese American community, and Esparto's abiding love for the power of agriculture via its Almond Festival are highlights! The music's really good, too. 

(Watch Now!) Wednesday, October 21. The Rocklin Historical Society shares a beautifully serene flight around and into the Old St. Mary's Chapel, the site of centuries of weddings, christenings and other events worthy of celebration. Over 130-years-old, the chapel is a centerpiece of Rocklin's Historic Quarry District. Nice drone work on this production. 

(Watch Now!) Thursday, October 22. The County of El Dorado Historical Museum is back with two informative documentaries. We start our day with "Green Gold: A History of Logging in El Dorado County," which provides us with a window into what the region did to sustain itself when "mining the miners" was no longer an option. A film on the California Gold Rush's and the discovery of gold at Coloma will wrap up our day.

(Watch Now!) Friday, October 23. The California State Archives and their conservator, Juan Ramos, are back to share two educational videos on the "Tools of Preservation" and "Paper Damage and Preservation." We're lucky to have such a source on best practices in the realms of preservation and conservation.

(Watch Now!) Saturday, October 24. At 11:00 am went live to the Center for Sacramento History for an exclusive look-in at this wonderful hub of historical wonder with archivists Staci Cox and Kim Hayden. They provided a great overview of the Sacramento's "Days of 49" celebration and the many connected items that are in CSH's possession:

(Watch Now!) Sunday, October 25. We take a return trip to the California State Railroad Museum Library with a deeper dive into one of the most unique and truly enjoyable collections in the Sacramento Region - songbooks and dance cards. Take a waltz with a brakeman or have a chance to dip Allie. Librarian Chris Rockwell with a boffo performance.