Saturday, September 3, 2022

Our Amazing In-Kind Gift Sponsors Grow Like Capay Valley Tomatoes in July...

We'd like to thanks our newest sponsor, Corti Brothers of 5810 Folsom Boulevard. Artisanal grocer Darrell Corti is a world renown expert on food and drink and a very generous contributor to the 12th annual Sacramento Archives Crawl. By attending the Crawl, you've got a chance to win one of two gift packages consisting of a $100 Corti Brothers Gift Card, a Corti Brothers "Pallido" poster designed in 1987 by David Lance Goines, and a poster titled "The Vintage in California - At Work at the Wine Presses," reproduced from Harper's Weekly of 1876 by Corti Brothers.

Corti's support for the gift potion of the Crawl is matched by our friends at Sudwerk Brewing, Raley's Fine Foods, and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op. In short, it takes a community - in this case, one of massive historical impact - to make meaningful things happen.

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