Monday, October 26, 2020

Week 5: The 2020 Sacramento Archives Crawl

The lineup for our fifth and final week of the 2020 Sacramento Archives Crawl:

(Watch Now!) Monday, October 26. We revisit the triumph that was - and is - the 19th Amendment with a terrific presentation from the El Dorado County Historical Museum on the suffrage drive in Placerville.

(Watch Now!) Tuesday, October 27. Drafting off their previous presentation of Votes for Women in the Placerville area, today, we head up Highway 50 to take a look at what the El Dorado County Historical Museum has to say about similar events in the high mountain paradise of Lake Tahoe

(Watch Now!) Wednesday, October 28. Our colleagues at the Placer County Archives take this moment to introduce their brand new online collections portal which will provide access to a newly digitized series of deeds and official records for Placer County. Exciting, way worthy of celebration, and a great research tool. 

(Watch Now!) Thursday, October 29. The West Sacramento Historical Society produces a wonderful video, dovetailing music and written narrative to tell its story as a trusted "collector - preserver - interpreter" of treasures that speak to everything from the city's proud culinary past to reclamation to city services. 

(Watch Now!) Friday, October 30. Earl Warren's gubernatorial desk is just one of many artifactual treasures that you'll find in this short video from the California State Archives on its artifact storage room. Would also love to take a closer took at that Placer County voting machine, last used for the 1988 general election. I love a good lever.

(Watch Now!) Saturday, October 31. We're back with our friends at the California State Library on this HapPy HallowEEnWant to see the very elevations drawn up by James Marshall for a certain mill in Coloma? Who would have through that Marshall actually cartooned the very discovery of gold in California? This is a terrific window into some the best loved items within the California History Room.


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