Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thank You to Our 2014 Sponors

We would like to give a very special thanks to our 2014 Sacramento Archives Crawl sponsors, whose support is making this event possible, funding everything from printed passports to the crawl buses.   Thank you for recognizing the value of our region's many archives and our communities' passion for local history!

· Jimmie Yee, Sacramento County Supervisor, District 2  
· Steve Cohn, Sacramento City Council, District 3
· Steve Hansen, Sacramento City Council, District 4
· Allen Warren, Sacramento City Council, District 2
· Sacramento Republic FC
· California State Library Foundation
· Sacramento Public Library
· Stonebridge Properties
· Sierra Health Foundation
· Sacramento History Alliance
· The Gordon-Goldstein Foundation
· Patricia Johnson
· Stephanie Hamashin

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